new sales office in China

Now even closer to our customers with direct import, own local stock and invoices in RMB: Yongkang Loneih Commodities Co.,Ltd. Room 501 No. 3294 East Jiuling Rd CN 321300 Yongkang city, Zhejiang Province Tel. +86 188 699 22117 Email:

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How to propetly apply a skin protection cream

The skin protection cream has to be selected according to the work place related skin hazards. Besides the selection of the appropriate skin protection product, the proper application is the key to an efficient skin protection. Below you will find an application recommendation for the best possible use of skin protection and skin care cremes. [...]

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NEW DEVELOPMENT Heinol MarkerEx cleaner

NEW DEVELOPMENT Heinol MarkerEx cleaner Removes waterproof residues of permanent felt pen, as well as fat and oil. Spray on and wipe off. To be used instead of strong-smelling, fast flammable ethanol cleaner . Ingredients: < 5 % anionic and nonionic surfactants . Other ingredients: water -soluble solvents, fragrances and auxiliaries . Item No. 1107 [...]

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HEINOL overseas branch in India

HEINOL overseas branch in India Since 2007 the company Heinol Chemicals Private Ltd in Chennai is also available for your overseas branch in India and provides Heinol & Loneih products for the aspiring Indian industry , as well as German and international overseas branch in the usual high quality . All news at a glance [...]

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